Moving helpers loading truck

Furniture, Moving Pads, aren’t just for wrapping furniture

Furniture, Moving Pads, aren’t just for wrapping furniture. They can be used for other things such as moving heavy big pieces of furniture across hardwood and laminate flooring by placing a furniture pad underneath the item and sliding it across the floor and thus protecting the floor.  This is a good practice , especially for very large, bulky, and heavily weighted items.


Get free moving boxes from Big Box Retailers, Walmart, Target, BestBuy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Supermarkets, etc discards.


Have bottled water on hand for your movers, all year round, not just the warmer months.  Your movers will thank you.


Mid month instead of beginning or end of month moves tend to be less expensive.  Some rental trucks and movers charge more the beginning and end of the month.  And, good movers tend to get booked up those times of the month.


Book your rental moving truck in advance.  Many truck rental locations don’t have an indefinite number of trucks, some times when I was doing moving jobs, the customer had to cancel the job they booked with me because they waited too long to reserve a truck, and ended up using a commercial moving company that provided the truck and the moving labor.