Hired moving helpers

Hire-aMover.com – Not Just For Moves

If you just need furniture moved around in your home, either upstairs, downstairs, or just moved around in the same room, either permanently or temporarily, for example , you are having new flooring in one or more rooms, or if you are having hard wood flooring polished, waxed, etc.


If you need furniture or other household items moved into or out of an attic to elsewhere in your home.


If you have furniture and other household goods that you are disposing of or donating and need these items moved to your sidewalk or curb, or even taken to the donation center, if you provide a rental vehicle.


If you have exercise equipment you need moved from one room to another, from house to garage, or vice versa.


If you are staging your house and need items moved from a truck into your house or vice versa.