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Hire-AMover.Com is a marketplace to connect moving service providers with customers seeking out moving laborers to load or unload, or both, load & unload their rental moving truck, portable or storage unit for a Do-It-Yourself Move.

  • Free To List Your Moving Services
  • You set your hourly moving labor fees and travel charges.
  • You can block the days you are unavailable to have jobs booked for you.
  • Hire-AMover.Com will deduct 15% of the total amount of the job, your hourly fees and travel charges.
  • You are paid upon completion of the moving job.

Upon completion of each job, the customer has the option of writing an on-line review and rating, ranging from one to five stars, You will have the option of responding to the customer review.

Search, Compare, Reserve & Book!

  • Read Reviews and Ratings and Compare Rates of Previously Satisfied Hire-AMover.Com Pre-Screened Nationwide Moving Service Providers.
  • Enter your Move Date, Your Loading Zip Code, Your Unloading Zip Code, or just the Loading or Unloading Zip Code if you only require Loading or Unloading Help, not both.
  • Select from the list of available moving service providers based on their rates and the number of  helpers and hours your move requires.
  • Once you Book and Confirm your move you will receive both the telephone number and email address of your moving service provider to go over and work out any of the moving job details.
  • Your Moving Service Provider does not receive their payment until the moving job is completed.

Same, Next Day, or Schedule your Move in Advance…It’s THAT EASY!

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