Moving help

Tips for Packing and Moving

  • When packing, pack the items you will need first in plastic bins, and have it placed at the back of the moving truck or in your car or vehicle if you have an In-Town Move.  This way, the clear, plastic bins allows you to see inside, unlike cardboard boxes.
  • Wrap breakable dishes and glassware in clothing and towels, to save on purchasing bubble wrap.
  • When labeling items in cardboard moving boxes, also include what room the box is going into, or color code for dining room, living room, bedrooms, study, garage, etc.
  • Have the movers place large, heavy boxes on bottom, and smaller lighter boxes on top of the larger, heavy boxes.
  • Remove the drawers out from heavy bedroom and other chests to make them lighter and easier for movers to carry.  Cover the drawers with their contents still in them with kitchen plastic or shrink wrap to keep items from falling out.
  • Buy one or more rolls of Shrink Wrap, or ask the movers to bring it, depending on the size of your move or number of boxes you will need.
  • Use Zip Lock and Slider Storage Bags for hardware, nuts, bolts, Allen Key Screws from dissembled beds, furniture, then tape the bags with wide moving tape into the pieces of furniture it came from.
  • Use suitcases, laundry hampers, and wicker baskets to pack items.
  • It is a good idea to take pictures of how your computer and other electronics is connected, so you will know how to reconnect the wires and cables.
  • If possible and If the movers can use it, offer the movers help lifting and carrying very large, heavy items and pieces of furniture , even if only to lift or to get it through a tight doorway, passageway or up or down a staircase.
  • If you are moving into a brand new home with wood flooring, or if the floors have been redone, tape down or other colored protective paper used by painters and construction workers the floor from scratching.
  • If possible, move on a weekday instead of a weekend day. Uhaul and other rental trucks are usually cheaper on those days.